Follow Your Dreams

life after college

I wonder how many people can say that they are truly happy with their work situations or their lives in general. It's a tough question and a very touchy subject. At a young age, most of us are taught that we need to go to college to get a decent job. But no one teaches us how to figure out what we are truly passionate about. The truth is, no curriculum has a class on following your dreams or making decisions that are  best for you. I was in undergrad for four years, obtaining a degree in graphic communications. Here I am 5 years later realizing that I'm not as passionate about graphic communications as I thought I was.

After graduation I felt an immense amount of pressure to get a job in the corporate world. So that's what I did. I spent 8 months at that job, telling myself that I was happy ..just because I thought it was where I needed to be, to be considered “successful. Honestly, I was miserable. A couple of weeks ago, I put in my notice at my corporate job. Then I took another job that pays less, but for me, money isn't everything. There is simply no amount of money that can replace happiness.

But most importantly, I learned a lot of things during that 8 months and I want to share some of those things. One of the most important things that I've learned, is that no one's journey is the same. Some people graduate from college with amazing jobs ..and others (like me) don't. That's perfectly fine though. When I was in college I did a lot of partying,  ..and some of it even led to some unwanted consequences.. But that process helped me to clean up my lifestyle ..which led me to my love for real food and fitness, which is what inspired me to create Lively Meals. I do believe that everything I've been through is a part of God's plan.

I also learned that in order to truly live and be happy we need to use our gifts. God blessed us with so many gifts, and the beautiful thing about it, is that no one's gifts are the same. Some of us don't discover our gifts right away and that's okay too. Some gifts are birthed from experiences that only life can offer. But I think it's too bad, that in school ..they don't teach us to use our gifts. They don't teach us to follow our dreams, passions, and most importantly our hearts. I know it sounds cliche, but it's so real. 

Initially, I had no idea what I was really passionate about until I created Lively Meals. I'm not even sure that I can explain the happiness that I feel when I'm in the kitchen creating. But somehow, everything just keeps falling into place. So I urge everyone to find your happiness. Find your niche. Follow your dreams. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop beating yourself up about the little things and stay persistent.

Lastly, everyone may not always agree with your decisions, but you know what's best for you. I've learned that it's more important to stand for what you believe in, rather than worrying about what people will think.  When I was at my old job, my parents told me to stick it out. I did that as long as I could and I believe that I've taken some valuable things away from that job. I believe that God purposely placed me there. I'm thankful for the experience and my hope is that by sharing my experience I can encourage others to follow their dreams as well.


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