I'm Jasmine Comer and I believe that eating good food will improve your life.

What is good food you ask? Good food is food that makes you feel good, literally. It’s food that gives you the energy to get through the day. It’s food that nourishes your body. It’s also food that you enjoy with your family and friends. It’s that super green salad, or that chocolate chip cookie that you love.

I created this space to share good food with you. I am in my twenty somethings and surprisingly I’ve experienced a lot. At one point I wanted to be an architect. Then I wanted to be a social media manager.

I finally realized that nothing brings me more joy than running this blog. I love taking pretty pictures and developing recipes. I do all of this from my home in North Carolina. Thanks for following along.

Oh, and also I love Jesus. I never like to leave that part out.